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Member Songs
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Songsinc works with some of the finest studios, producers, engineers and singers in LA, Nashville and New York to ensure your song demo, whatever the genre, is professional
and competitive. Amateur or PRO, a song for Mom or a song to pitch to a major artist, the process and attention to your song is the same.

Songsinc Members who create new songs using IndieTracks, MelodyTracks or PROTracks do not pay for track production. Member demos average $300 - $425 depending on the genre, singer, harmonies and any other embellishment request provided to us by our Member. We always consult with the member first and have them listen to singer samples. All details of the consult are forwarded to the producer for input, and then we provide a final quote. If approved, we book the demo and the Member is billed after they hear the first mix.

We do create demos from the ground up, including new track production. We do this for anyone, Member Or Non-Member (Members always get a break, so why not join – it's FREE!). Average cost $625 - $850 depending on production requests.

Many of our IndieTracks and PROTracks are "SuperTracks" which mean their session "stems" or individual parts are available for a fee of $289 to anyone who would like to go to another studio and have their song cut and mixed there. Available to Members who have Vaulted that particular song with Songsinc, as normal.

HOW TO REQUEST A DEMO: E-MAIL US AT and we will get back to you promptly!