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Songsinc Member Testimonials

"I would have never believed I could write different styles of music. Songsinc has inspired a huge increase in the quantity of songs I've been able to produce...I've written the best songs of my career thanks to Songsinc." - Gareth L J, Songwriter, BMI/PRS

"Songsinc has opened up so many new possibilities for me as a writer AND saved me so much money on demos! In fact, one of my most commercially successful songs is one that I wrote through the Songsinc process which they placed in a major X-Box game!" - Stephen R., Attorney and Indie Songwriter, ASCAP

"As both a topliner and a producer... I know why Songsinc is such a great idea...wonderful resource...I have been really impressed by some of the songs created to my tracks and thought, 'Why didn't I think of that?!' As a TrackOwner, it is yet one more way to make money making music. Who doesn't love that?" - Bryan S., Professional Songwriter/Producer, BMI

"I wish I'd had access to these types of tracks when I first started playing and writing. It would have started me out on the right track with quality music that allowed me to think more about melody and lyrics as opposed to struggling to get a piano or guitar part perfect. I see working with Songsinc as a lifelong writing partner." - David W., Songwriter / Publisher, SESAC

As a songwriter, I was looking for a resource for musical bed for lyrics. What I found in Songsinc was a treasure chest full of "just what I was looking for" and in addition I received encouragement, inspiration and advice that was almost too good to be true. - Rick K, Songwriter, BMI

Songsinc is a beautiful and refreshing new business model in an industry that is being overtaken by fear and an urgency to grab ever shrinking pieces of the pie. The collaboration model is something that is essential to the music industry and Songsinc, regardless of its future dividends, serves as a powerful reminder of how earnest that model can be. The ideals of the principals have carried over into Songsinc creating a model based on partnership, support and prosperity. It has truly been an honor to produce for Songsinc. - Scott G. - Studio Owner, Producer/Engineer/Composer, ASCAP

In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined being associated with such an inspiring company. I have done many tracks with Songsinc and I can honestly say that at all junctures I have been treated with the utmost of professionalism. But, it isn't just that professionalism on all fronts that makes me have such a place in my heart or Songsinc- it is also the fact that these people inspire me and make me want to produce ever better music. It is so important in the music industry to be surrounded by positive energy and I feel like I found the perfect "home" with Songsinc- no phony promises but a definite consistent sense of optimism and a great work ethic. It's icing on the cake is for someone like myself, for whom lyrics and melody come very easily but full instrumentation in the studio is often cost prohibitive. Yes, Songsinc is a dream come true. - Julianne B, Publisher, Songwriter, ASCAP