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"Every songwriter on the planet is irked
by their own pile of incomplete songs
that sit...unheard...unfinished.
Songsinc helps these incomplete
efforts get a second chance."


- Warren Fitzgerald from The Vandals


We couldn't agree with you more, Warren!

Songsinc is looking for quality Tracks in every genre. Musicians, Songwriters, Composers and Artists around the world have recorded song demos and kept the backing tracks to those demos. With Songsinc, you can earn royalties from downloads with those backing tracks, whether you finished the song or not.

And we're talking royalty rates of 40% - 60% per download!

Just like samples of songs that are used in new songs, you can allow the instrumental tracks of your finished or unfinished songs to earn money from the download sale of your track.

Upload your tracks and let them work for's a great way to collaborate with other creative writers around the world, and earn money doing it; a win-win for everyone.

Warren Fitzgerald from The Vandals