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FREE Music Success Video Nuggets From Joe Solo

Music Success Video Nuggets From Joe Solo, the producer who developed Macy Gray, and many others.  We encourage everyone to watch Joe’s FREE weekly 3-minute Music Success Video Nuggets and tip sheets to get creative, marketing, & music industry information you won’t find anywhere else - it'll help you move ahead and break through. Each Nugget is self-contained and gives you knowledge you can use RIGHT NOW to accelerate your music career and help you get the recognition your music deserves. Sign up is also FREE at

Same chord progression = hundreds of songs

Watch in awe as The Axis of Awesome demonstrate how the very same chord progression can create hundreds of songs.  We could hardly say it better ourselves!

Songsinc PROTrack Contest

Broadjam and Songsinc Member PROTrack Track2Song winners, Julianne Buccino and Christopher DeMaria were amazing. The prize:  A trip to Nashville where the great Ron Wallace cut a new version of the winning song "Open" as produced by the incredible Kim Copeland.  Then off to lunch with the PROTrack Owners, great writers and producers Kenny Lamb and Chris Rowe.  We then ran to American Songwriter ( for an interview and filming of a live acoustic version of "Open", and last but certainly not least, a meet & greet with the wonderful staff - and new Membership - at the coolest place in Nashville: NSAI (  It was one of the best days ever!

Songsinc PROTracks

These come from the PROs:  Publishers, Labels, Songwriters, Artists.  Yes, you ARE collaborating at the highest levels when you create new songs using these tracks.  There is no opportunity like this anywhere for indie songwriters and lyricists.  And just like the winning song "Open" (watch above video), if you write a great song using a PROTrack, that PROTrack Owner will pitch it at the highest levels.  Congrats again to Julianne and Chris because Kenny Lamb and Chris Rowe are now pitching that song!

How To Create A Song With Songsinc Tracks

You can watch our complete Tutorial Series on our YouTube Channel . Even if you've NEVER recorded a song before or you simply don't have a recording setup, we encourage you to watch our tutorials.  Our great engineer, producer and friend Michael Salacuse takes you step by step and shows you how easy it is to create songs using Songsinc tracks with recording software that either FREE or VERY Inexpensive ($25).  Anyone can do this, but a warning:  Creating Songs the Songsinc way can be addictive!


Songsinc Navigation Tips

Navigating Songsinc is easy and fun.  Songwriters and Lyricists, you can listen all day long to find a track or melody that inspires you before you download it.  We're all about collaboration and making it quick and easy to do so.  If you've never created a song this way, we encourage you to try it once.  It's certainly not the only way to create a song; just another way to do it, with benefits.  Whether you choose PROTracks, IndieTracks or MelodyTracks (the Lyricists Composer), the creative experience is worth it.  And TrackOwners, share your tracks and sit back and earn royalties as your track inspires new song after new song after new song - which you own a part of.

Songsinc is proud to support Independent Radio Stations like WNRN

We are proud to sponsor Independent Radio, and WNRN is one of the best.  We encourage you to listen to the WNRN live sessions.  Sometimes we just sit back, listen and say "WOW" outloud!